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15 August 2014 @ 04:18 pm
76, Totter's Lane 26/30  
Title: 76, Totter's Lane 26/30
Author: Cloud wildwinterwitch
Beta: xebgoc
Pairing: Nine/Rose
Rating: M overall
Summary: John Smith has agreed to look after The Bookshop For Children of All Ages . He also repairs the broken toys his young patrons bring him. Some of the children claim that their toys come alive for a few minutes before they become still once more. It's a nice distraction from his strange dreams. When he finds himself falling in love with Rose Tyler, a shopgirl from Henrik's on the high street, his life has become more exciting than he'd expected – or wanted. And that's only the beginning.
Author’s Notes: This fic assumes that Rose first meets the Ninth Doctor as chameleon-arched John Smith.

Chapter 26